Sell classes - Guidelines to publish your sessions on Huneety

Guidelines to publish your sessions on Huneety

Golden rule for Huneeters : A detailed session will attract more business opportunities! Students want to understand what they will learn by the end of the session. 

Title of session

 A catchy title worth more than 1,000 words ! Be specific by mentioning what exactly you can  teach 
  • How to reach a 7.5 score at the IELTS test
  • Introduce yourself in English like a pro
  • How to write professional emails like a native


Describe your session 

1. Starts with WHY : why students should book your session, what are the expected results of your session? 

Example for Thai speaking class : Would you like to engage effectively with Thai people? … My session will help you cover …. 

2. Who are you teaching to ? beginners, intermediate, advanced, all public ?

My session is made for … 

3. What is your techniques or methods of instruction? 

My teaching method is … I base my class on … my approach is… 

4. Describe your class : What is the structure and the content of your class. Use bullet points. 
  • Thai alphabets and pronunciation 
  • Main topics covered during the 1st sessions : Greetings, ordering food, directions, engage with thai friends, local expressions.  
  • Role play from real life situation 
  • Exercise to validate the learning experience after the session 

*Your name, contact details or URLS cannot appear in your text. 


Why are you qualified to offer the session? 

Make students confident in you. Show your reliability and professionalism!

  • How long have you been practicing this topic 
  • How long have you been giving lessons in this field
  • How many students have you taught
  • Describe a practical experience on this subject 
  • Do you have degree, certificate 


Take aways!

This is surely the most important information for your students. This can be learnings for the student, virtual files you delivered, or physical assets (manual, booklet, crafted item, etc.). Make a bullet point list!


Keep it Human with a nice picture of yourself

To keep it human and personal, a nice picture showing yourself is as important as your session!


Register a Huneeter account or if you already have one, connect to your Dashboard and list new sessions.

Learn how to speak English in Bangkok

English accent coaching : Learn how to speak with like an English native

English tutor in Bangkok so you can speak English at work, make presentations in English, talk with foreigners...

Learn how to speak English like a native in Bangkok! Teacher Nathan is an accent and English coach in Bangkok. He has worked with doctors, engineers, business people, models, and actors. Nathan also has over 22 years of experience with teaching English in the U.S and Thailand.

English course designed to improve your accent

You will learn how to speak English more clearly, accurately and naturally. His sessions are based on Nathan’s method called “Accent Recipe.”If you wish to improve your English accent and learn English the right way, this session is for you!

During his session, you will learn:

  • A better understanding of your problem areas of your English speech so that when you begin mastering the material, you’ll have a clear objective of what you need to sound like when speaking English.
  • Improved accuracy and clarity when speaking English.
  • British accent, English grammar, English pronunciation, accents and dialects

He divides native-like (English) speech into 5 “ingredients” (Linking, Intonation, Articulation, Stress, and Rhythm). You will learn techniques to improve each of the 5 ingredients.

The first session will be a diagnostic of your speech and Nathan will explain the problem areas that I hear when I hear your speak English. You can send me a recording before our first meeting.

Practice English with Nathan’s session – Click here to Book Ajarn Nathan’s session!

Bangkok Teachers

Useful tips we learnt improving the sessions of our teachers  ✨

Tired working for others? Sell your Skills on Huneety

You are tired working for others and wish you could make your own living from what you do best? We have gathered feedbacks from both Bangkok teachers (Huneeters) and thai students in order to increase your business opportunities! Those useful tips will improve your visibility to even more students around you.

Tips to teach and earn extra cash

Tip 1. A detailed session will attract more business opportunities! Students want to understand what they will learn by the end of the session. Highlight your session take aways so students will book your session!

Tip 2. Keep in mind: to keep it human and personal, a nice a picture showing yourself is as important as your session!

Tip 3.  A catchy title worth more than 1,000 words! Be specific by mentioning what you can exactly teach with an attractive title:

  • How to reach a 7.5 score at the IELTS test
  • Introduce yourself in English like a pro.
  • How to write professional emails like a native.

You can post as many sessions as you wish on Huneety. 

Tip 4. Did you know members of the Huneety team are available too develop the content of your session? You can meet with us anytime in Bangkok! We will optimise your class content so you can find more students and make more money. We will also record a short video about yourself to be highlighted on your profile.

It is now time to put to profit on Huneety those newly uncovered skills! Are you a native teacher in your own language? Start teaching Thai, English or any other languages on Huneety. You can also teach Sports, Business classes, Fun & Lifestyle activities or other topics you wish to teach.

Register a Huneeter account or if you already have one, connect to your Dashboard and list new sessions.

Thai teacher in Bangkok

Learn Thai Language with a Native Thai Tutor

If you are planning to visit Thailand or if you are working in Thailand, Joy will make your life easier!

Joy is a Thai tutor that will help you make your life easier in Thailand!

Thai language is one of an interesting language because we have 5 tones which always makes the meaning changed. Thai language is not difficult and it is necessary if you are travelling to Thailand because you can talk to the local Thai people to buy things or negotiate the price etc. However, if you are working here in Thailand, it is useful to learn because you can discuss your business or talk to your staffs or friends.

Depending on your request, Joy can teach you how to read Thai, write Thai or speak Thai. 

Click here to Book Joy’s session!

Business English classes in Bangkok

Business English Class with English Teacher Justin

English tutor in Bangkok so you can speak English at work, make presentations in English, talk with foreigners...

Justin is an English teacher in Bangkok who provides Business English classes. No matter what your current level of English is, he will be able to provide a tailor made English class depending on your learning objectives. Also, Justin is comfortable with computers and has access to a wide selection of books and multimedia.The material chosen for the class will depend on your needs. Would you like to learn from a native English speaker and level up your English skills?

During this Business English class, you will be able to learn:

  • Planning and organising your work in English.
  • English vocabulary related to the service industry.
  • English vocabulary for Marketing.
  • How to manage workplace problems and conflicts in English.
  • Getting your message across to your management in English.
  • Lead meetings and discussions in English.
  • English Presentations.
  • Business and the environment.
  • Finding a job and perform your interview in English.
  • Professional English vocabulary.
  • English speaking and writing exercise.
  • Other English listening homework.

Ultimately, you will be able to measure your progress. Learning materials are provided!

Learn how to speak English at the workplace by practicing your English with teacher Justin, native teacher in Bangkok.

Click here to Book Justin’s session!

Learn SEO in Bangkok

Optimise your Website’s SEO with Dominique!

Book Domique's SEO class and take your website off the ground

Do you want to learn SEO? If you want to learn techniques to improve your visibility through Search Engine Optimization in Bangkok, this session is for you. Digital marketing becomes more and more complex and you may need help from an seo expert!

Dominique is providing SEO class in Bangkok. Here is what you will learn:

  • What is SEO? Introduction to “on page” and “off page” SEO.
  • Do a proper Keyword research and find intend keywords, LSI, Keywords semantic,  preposition and questions.
  • Make a technical audit and optimise your website for the desired keywords.
  • How to write SEO content.
  • Local SEO optimisation (If Interested)
  • Developing a link building campaign strategy and online marketing strategy to increase domain authority Naturally.
  • How to Stay up to date with the evolution of SEO

You don’t have to spend unnecessary money to SEO companies if you want to get started. Dominique will help you define the right seo campaign that fits your needs. Content marketing, social media, google analytics etc.

Click here to Book Dominique’s session!

professional resume in Bangkok

Learn how to make a professional resume in Bangkok!

Are you looking for your dream job? It all starts with a resume..

Would you like to find a job in Bangkok? You may spend hours to research the company of your dreams and send a lot of applications to find it. Moreover, a perfect resume will help you be visible to hiring managers and also give orientations to interview questions and answers.

Ben has coached, prepared and mentored many candidates from application process to salary negotiation skills. He can guide you through the whole process to maximise your opportunity whether dealing with Thai or International organisations!

His resume writing session will be the first step to help you find your ideal job opportunity. He has worked with over 100 companies in Thailand as a recruitment manager for three of the biggest recruitment agencies. Ben has placed many people in their dream jobs.

It all starts with your resume, it has to stand out from the crowd and create interest for a hiring manager. Ben can give you tips on layout, content and key criteria that companies really look for to get you that job interview. A successful job application will also depends on the quality of your work experiences. However, this first step is crucial for an effective recruitment process and so you can show why you fit the job!

let’s get you the job you deserve together!!

Click here to Book Benjamin session!

Blueberry cheese pie

Nutteera is teaching how to bake a delicious Blueberry cheese pie!

Looking for a yummy experience during your free time?

Nutteera will teach you how to bake a delicious Blueberry cheese pie! His session will cover the following :

  • Introduction to the ingredients and equipment required to bake a delicious blueberry cheese pie, (Note: Ingredients will be provided).
  • Teach the technique of  preparing the flour, cream, selection of fresh blueberry etc.
  • Teach how to set-up the baking equipment (i.e. Temperature and timing).

Click here to Book Nutteera session!

prepare your cabin crew interview in Bangkok

Prepare your cabin crew interview

Air Noon will coach you how to prepare yourself for the major airlines interviews in Bangkok.

Put all chances on your side and succeed your cabin crew interview! I will coach you how to prepare yourself for the major airline interviews/application process. In my two hours session with you, I will coach you for the following:

  • How to fill in the applications, which points you have to emphasize on your application form
  • How to dress and which style of makeup
  • What questions to ask and not to ask during the interview
  • How to present yourself during the interview

Click here to Book Air noon session!

art discovery bangkok

Art discovery for children (8 -12yo) with Jeanie

Help your child imagination come to life!

Art discovery in bangkok, for Children! Drawing, painting, craftwork, collage or coloured pencils, drop your kids in safe hands while Jeanie help them expand their creativity! You will find her session below :


I love and respect children as amazing individuals with great potential and I would like to help their imaginations come to life. Moreover, I value creativity, compassion and communication.

About the class

This class is targeting art discovery for children 8-12 years old especially. I will encourage your children to expand their creative imagination with different mediums such as watercolour, coloured pencils and other fun experiments.

During that class we will experiment with Drawing, Painting, Craftwork, Collage, Coloured pencil… all of which I will supply.

When the meeting takes place at a cafe in a mall, you can enjoy that time to go shopping… or you can stay with us. Up to you!

Material supplied

Drawing, Painting, Craftwork, Collage, Coloured pencil

Click here to Book Jeanie’s session!