Huneeters Wanted! Huneety team is looking for talented individuals in Bangkok that would be interested in offering their skills in classes and sessions. We believe learning doesn’t have to be boring and/or done by a professional. Everyone can teach, everyone can learn.

What kind of classes can be taught on Huneety? See some examples below:

Business workshops such as:

  • Drafting a business plan for your startup idea
  • Understand Thai Millenials in 2018
  • Protect your brand in Thailand
  • Launch a great targeting campaign on Facebook
  • Negotiate your salary review
  • Prepare for a job interview
  • Make the most of your ecommerce website analytics
  • Create an original E-business card
  • Protect your website from hacking
  • Make an outstanding English resume that stands out

Fun & Lifestyle activities:

  • Create a great kid’s birthday party at home (party planning)
  • Plan holidays in Shanghai, China (holiday planning)
  • Customize and recycle a wooden piece of furniture (craft)
  • Learn to play the bass (music)
  • How to read and understand a music score (music)
  • Choose the right fabric to create your own quality bag (craft, sewing)
  • Plan a realistic 1-month diet to loose 5kg (fitness)
  • Choose the right protein shake for your workout (fitness)
  • Compose your GOAT attacking team in FIFA (video game)
  • Help you get the most out of Bangkok tailors (shopping)
  • Improve pictures of friends like a pro (photo editing)
  • Colorize old pictures in Photoshop (photo editing)
  • … anything fun!

Classes for language learners:

  • Learn basic conversation skills for a trip to Japan/China/France
  • Having a basic conversation with a taxi driver (and how to not get ripped off)
  • Translation exercises between two languages in both directions
  • Review an essay you wrote together and analyse your mistakes
  • Learn language through a song
  • Learn pronunciation through songs
  • Understand Thai food recipes or menus

If you think you are able to help someone in these topics, please follow the link below.
You are also of course also free to invent your own type of activity and submit it on Huneety.




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