How to get started?

Step 1: Create account

Huneety is a social platform to connect teachers to students. We invite people with skills and things to share to publish classes on Huneety and get students to enlisth. The first step for teachers to get started is to create their profile on Huneety.

Show off your talents.

Step 2: Create a class

Once your profile created, you’ll get access to the dashboard. Use it to create your first session. This will include a description of your class, a picture, details about the learning opportunity and your teaching style. It will also include information about when and where the class will take place.

Ready for business!

Step 3: Students will book you

Once your session submitted. Our team will review it and put it public within 24 hours. From there, your session is public on the internet and for students to book you, directly on the platform. Upon booking you’ll receive your students contact information, and they’ll receive yours. Call each other to agree on a time and place to meet and get paid at the end of the session. That’s as simple as that, no hidden fee.

Ready to register?


Please take the time to fill the form below to create a seller account. Once this form filled, you will get access to the seller Dashboard, allowing you to create your first session. We can't wait to have you with us!

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