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Learn how to order food during a restaurant outing together – Learn, Eat and Laugh

If you are scared to speak, or if you are afraid to be charged too expensive price for your food, Knowing some tips from local is one of the best way to live and have fun in Thailand. Especially in Bangkok, where you can enjoy many many delicious foods and activities to do.

You will learn with my session : Where to go. What to eat. How to speak in Thai.

If you know the local. It’s like you know the shortcut!

No need to bring any material. Just tell the foods you want to try/ the place you like to go. we can design short trip together then you can learn from thing you choose.

Eg. You want to try local foods (such as Somtam, Padthai or Tom yum Kung) you prefer Asoke area near BTS/MRT with 2 Hours. Then I can meet you at MRT and bring you to the shop or restaurant. On the way, you can learn some words to order foods like how to order, You cannot eat spicy or allergic something.

You will learn basic Thai culture as you want along the way.  It would be good if we treat each other as friend:)

Why am I qualified to offer this session? I usually find good place with reasonable price to enjoy eating. Also buy some ingredients to cook by myself for menu I love. I live in Bangkok over 20 years. Speak in Thai and English and try to learn another languages. I was exchange student in Germany. So, every time I miss my home country. I would go to supermarket and cooking Thai foods and enjoy with my friends. I also invite my foreigner friends to try Thai foods and try their foods. We share easy words and some culture each other. It's amazing time and I want to share that moment with you. By the way, 10/10 foreigners friends love Thai foods. They would come to Thailand and test it for the real taste! I would love to share these enjoyable time with you too:)
Take aways
I can deliver this session in the following languages: Both Thai and English
Where to meet? Anywhere near MRT station.
When to meet? I do prefer weekdays after working hours from 5.30 pm.
Duration of the session (in minutes) 60
By: Phitchaya
Author Since: Jul 2019
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