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Learn how to use Microsoft Excel in Bangkok

Excel expert with 20 years experience ready to help

I am a Microsoft excel expert with 20 years of experience.  I can train you in all of the following:

  1. Formatting
  2. Formulas (summing, averaging, if..then statements)
  3. Data manipulation with pivot tables (very useful)
  4. V-Lookups
  5. Short cuts
  6. Funding/Replacing data
  7. Basic macros
  8. Assignments for test your learning
Why am I qualified to offer this session? I used excel for about 4 hours a day for 24 years.
Take aways You will soon be using  excel like a pro
I can deliver this session in the following languages: English
Where to meet? I live in Nakhon Si Thammarat so unless you live here the sessions will be on-line. I have software so I can view your computer screen and watch you and vice-versa.
When to meet? I am available from 8AM to 9PM everyday, Thai time
Duration of the session (in minutes) 45