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Chemistry class in Bangkok - Private chemistry teacher

Learn Chemistry in English Language (Basic to Complex Concepts)

Join my Chemistry class in Bangkok. Here are my objectives for every lesson:

  1. Unlock the terms which is essential for the lesson (for example, what is the meaning of “enthalpy” “entropy” and the likes. These vocabulary skills will serve as the key to understand the whole lesson and concept.
  2. Process. In this phase, We will connect the terms in a given scenario to further understand the concept needed.
  3. Explain. As your mentor, I’ll assess what is missing in your interpretation and give some highlights to the concepts that you need.
  4. Enhance. Do specific task that I will give you to ensure that you will develop mastery of the concept.
  5. Application. You need to give your own views and examples that relates to the real life setting in our daily lives.
  6. Repeat. If you happen to come back in our session, I will ask you about the previous lesson that we had.
Why am I qualified to offer this session? I am a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education major in chemistry minor in English. I have a teaching license as well as teaching experiences in Thailand as an ESL teacher. I graudated with honors and able to communicate fluently in English. I have a lot of teaching strategies for culturally diversed students. I'll use the modern technology to deliver lessons in an easiest way.
Take aways See the following details below: (Materials will depend on what you want to learn)
  • I'll provide you worksheets which I personally crafted.
  • I'll give you good references from the internet
  • You can request me to modify what kind of material you want to have
  • I can send it through your email, line or via Facebook messenger
I can deliver this session in the following languages: English and basic Thai
Where to meet? You can meet me in a coffee shop or in your place. I feel more comfortable if the environment is calm and peace so we can understand each other. You can also request which place you like to have tutorial. I live in Minburi Bangkok, Thailand. You can also book a session with me using Social Media accounts like Facebook Videochat in messenger, Line, or Skype.
When to meet? For face to face session: 1. During weekdays you can meet me after my class at 5 pm while during weekends you can meet me at anytime. For Online Session: You can book your session at 7 pm during weekdays. For weekends you can book anytime.
Duration of the session (in minutes) 120
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