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Improve your presentation skills with Mike

Improve Your Oral Presentation in Thai & English with a News Anchor

You are about to give an oral presentation to a client, in a meeting, in front of a camera, or a business pitch to your investor. Then you were not sure how to act, how to use your voice to impact or impress your audience. We can help you.  

Mike Raomanachai, a former news presenter with more than 7 years of on-camera and voiceover experience will guide you how to use the right voice for the right presentation.

Why am I qualified to offer this session? Here are a few things about Mike: - News Anchor and Correspondent for Voice TV (2012-2017) - Reporter for Thai PBS (2012) - News Anchor and Reporter for KART News San Francisco (2010-2011) - Graduated with M.A. in Multimedia Communications from a university in California, USA.
Take aways Here are a few things you will get from each session:
  1. Summarize your ideas before giving out the presentation.
  2. How to project your voice properly.
  3. How to use body language along with your voice to communicate with an audience.
  4. How to improve your posture and eye-contact during a presentation.
  5. Understand your voice and how to choose what type of voice is appropriate in what situation.
I can deliver this session in the following languages: English and Thai
Where to meet? Near BTS or MRT lines.
When to meet? Weekdays from 4-6 PM. Weekends from 1-6 PM.
Duration of the session (in minutes) 60
By: Mike
Author Since: Jun 2019
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