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How to speak English with confidence - English lesson by April in Bangkok

Speak English with Confidence

You will learn how to speak English with confidence. It’s one things to know grammar and mechanics, but it’s another to be able to speak English confidently around others. In our lessons, I will help improve your English in the 4 areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. I will  help you develop the best “plan for action” when it comes to your learning needs.

Why am I qualified to offer this session? I am a certified teacher from the USA with 5 years experience teaching all subjects, including English. I have been teaching English in China and Bangkok now for 4 years. I am currently a Year 2 teacher at an international school here in Bangkok. I have knowledge of the best practices to learn a second language, and have experience developing English curriculum guides for international schools and training schools.
Take aways Your personalised English long-term plan
I can deliver this session in the following languages: English and a bit of Chinese
Where to meet? We can meet anywhere along the BTS Sukhumvit line. Preferably in a coffee shop/ bookstore/ etc.
When to meet? Weekday evenings after 4 pm
Duration of the session (in minutes) 60
By: April
Author Since: Apr 2019
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