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Fun with Fundamental Grammar

With this session you’ll get to the core of English language. With a lot of techniques to comprehend the basics of grammar, it will be easier for you to create sentences and more importantly to understand them without the need of translation. 

You think grammar is boring and there’s a lot to remember? 

Not anymore! This class will change your mind. 

Why am I qualified to offer this session? English has been my number one favorite subject since I was little. I was always praised by English teachers and classmates for how good I was. I graduated from faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University. Majoring in English language and literature, I was forced to live with this language. I learnt English through books and poems. I saw the change of the language through eras. I have written hundred of essays to analyze short stories, movies, poems, plays and novels without any grammatical errors!
Take aways

I can deliver this session in the following languages: English and Thai
Where to meet? We can meet at any of your favorite coffee shops along the BTS line.
When to meet? On the weekends! What about Saturday morning before lunch?
Duration of the session (in minutes) 120
By: Wiwanbaby
Author Since: Jul 2019
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