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Learn to communicate fluently in English

Here are the objectives of my English session in Bangkok:

  1. I will ask you to read a short sentences and phrases then I will evaluate which area should I give more emphasis.
  2. I will teach you the very basic pronunciation of words as in we syllabicate the words.
  3. If you have background in English language, I will help you strengthen your communication skills by role-playing conversation.
  4. Practice. Use brand new words learned from the lesson and connect it to everyday conversation.
  5. Create your own speech and develop mastery in speaking.
Why am I qualified to offer this session? I am qualified to offer this session because I speak fluent English, I have strong foundation in English Communication since Kindergarten level up until now. I worked as Customer service associate in a Business Processing Industry which I talked to international clients through phone and they are Americans and British. I have attended extensive and intensive training and workshops from my previous employer. I speak English language as well everyday. I have been a travel agent whose our clients are coming from United States and Europe which they communicate in English as well.
Take aways The following materials will be taken after the session:
  1. worksheets/booklets that I personally crafted.
  2. useful website references for continuous practice of your communication skills
  3. Power point presentations that we used in the lesson
I can deliver this session in the following languages: English and Basic Thai
Where to meet? You can meet me face to face, Just give me a call in this number 0654271435 or message me in Line-my username is pimichael02. For online sessions: Just message me first in line and we could talk which platform you would you like to do our session.
When to meet? During weekdays: You can book a session from 7 pm onward During weekends: You can book a session at anytime.
Duration of the session (in minutes) 120
By: Kru Mikee
Kru Mikee
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