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Bike & Bird Tour with Thai Breakfast @ RodFai Park


  • If you love to explore nature and culture.
  • If you hear bird sound but you never know what’s kind of bird
  • If you want to know what Thai people eat for Breakfast


  • FIRST : Cycle with me in the park and you’ll see many hidden birds and local sights that you probably never noticed before. We are going to chase many birds by camera and open the bird watching book (guide)
  • NEXT :  Relax with some breakfast at a Local Thai Market near the park, where you can eat a great local Thai meal and healthy smoothies.
  • FINAL : Chill by the wind in the park, take some rest under the tree and try to feed squirrels.

PS. This is a Bike and Food Experience. Please let me know if you have any allergy, vegetarian or vegan.


  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for cycling and sport shoes.
  • Sunscreen
  • Don‘t eat much before biking.
Why am I qualified to offer this session? Are you looking for a new experience in Bangkok ? If the answer is yes, we can meet and escape Bangkok that is a crowded and busy city. Go listen to the city forest sound, lets bike as a child. We can find at least 8 species of birds.
Take aways
  • Bird guide
  • 1 Breakfast of local Thai meal
  • 1 Healthy smoothie
I can deliver this session in the following languages: Thai and English
Where to meet? Meet me at MRT chatuchak, exit 2.
When to meet? Saturday 08:00 - 11:00 am. Sunday 08:00 - 11:00 am.
Duration of the session (in minutes) 180
By: Nirachara
Author Since: Jul 2019
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