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Create animated videos in bangkok

How to make cool animated videos

Hello everybody, I am a video production specialist living in Bangkok. I will teach you how to make a cool animated video for your business or personal use. During my 2-hour session, you will learn the following things:

  • How to use each scene to put them well together
  • Make attractive titles.
  • Customization of graphics.
  • How to create animations.
  • Changing colors.
  • Video editing in Adobe Premiere.
  • How to pick up the right song for your corporate animation.
  • Using Photoshop and Illustrator into After Effects for static vector animations and drawings.
  • Make transitions.
  • Create special sound effects.
  • Scripting and voice over.

Material provided – After Effect project template

Why am I qualified to offer this session? Hi, I been doing animations, filming and drone filming, motion graphics and postproduction and editing for more than 10 years now on my personal brand, wich is PLAYSPOT MEDIA (facebook.com/playspotmedia) take a look and give me a like !!!! Having a Master Degree in Editing and Postproduction for Movies, in Spain. Now a days im focusing on After Effects and Premiere wich are the programs I been using since 2004. I did the Corporte video animation for Huneety . IF YOU LIKED IT! and you wanna know how to do something like that.. Iam the right choice! Looking forward to meet you
Take aways You will get After Effect templates and all assets, sounds, renders after the class. This will be delivered to you through a shared folder on Dropbox , a USB memory stick (please bring with you) or MegaCloud.
I can deliver this session in the following languages: English and Spanish
Where to meet? Meeting at a coffe shop around Sukhumvit area between punawhitti or Asoke, Your place or my place wich will be better , Coworking space on my condo available . YOU MUST HAVE LAPTOP to make the class better or something to take notes as everything we do it on mine.
When to meet? Preferently after 6 pm everyday, including weekends but we can organize times
Duration of the session (in minutes) 120