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Sell classes - Guidelines to publish your sessions on Huneety

Guidelines to publish your sessions on Huneety

Golden rule for Huneeters : A detailed session will attract more business opportunities! Students want to understand what they will learn by the end of the session. 

Title of session

 A catchy title worth more than 1,000 words ! Be specific by mentioning what exactly you can  teach 
  • How to reach a 7.5 score at the IELTS test
  • Introduce yourself in English like a pro
  • How to write professional emails like a native


Describe your session 

1. Starts with WHY : why students should book your session, what are the expected results of your session? 

Example for Thai speaking class : Would you like to engage effectively with Thai people? … My session will help you cover …. 

2. Who are you teaching to ? beginners, intermediate, advanced, all public ?

My session is made for … 

3. What is your techniques or methods of instruction? 

My teaching method is … I base my class on … my approach is… 

4. Describe your class : What is the structure and the content of your class. Use bullet points. 
  • Thai alphabets and pronunciation 
  • Main topics covered during the 1st sessions : Greetings, ordering food, directions, engage with thai friends, local expressions.  
  • Role play from real life situation 
  • Exercise to validate the learning experience after the session 

*Your name, contact details or URLS cannot appear in your text. 


Why are you qualified to offer the session? 

Make students confident in you. Show your reliability and professionalism!

  • How long have you been practicing this topic 
  • How long have you been giving lessons in this field
  • How many students have you taught
  • Describe a practical experience on this subject 
  • Do you have degree, certificate 


Take aways!

This is surely the most important information for your students. This can be learnings for the student, virtual files you delivered, or physical assets (manual, booklet, crafted item, etc.). Make a bullet point list!


Keep it Human with a nice picture of yourself

To keep it human and personal, a nice picture showing yourself is as important as your session!


Register a Huneeter account or if you already have one, connect to your Dashboard and list new sessions.

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