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professional resume in Bangkok

Learn how to make a professional resume in Bangkok!

Are you looking for your dream job? It all starts with a resume..

Would you like to find a job in Bangkok? You may spend hours to research the company of your dreams and send a lot of applications to find it. Moreover, a perfect resume will help you be visible to hiring managers and also give orientations to interview questions and answers.

Ben has coached, prepared and mentored many candidates from application process to salary negotiation skills. He can guide you through the whole process to maximise your opportunity whether dealing with Thai or International organisations!

His resume writing session will be the first step to help you find your ideal job opportunity. He has worked with over 100 companies in Thailand as a recruitment manager for three of the biggest recruitment agencies. Ben has placed many people in their dream jobs.

It all starts with your resume, it has to stand out from the crowd and create interest for a hiring manager. Ben can give you tips on layout, content and key criteria that companies really look for to get you that job interview. A successful job application will also depends on the quality of your work experiences. However, this first step is crucial for an effective recruitment process and so you can show why you fit the job!

let’s get you the job you deserve together!!

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